Food Log One

20 Jan

So, since beginning the sociology of food class, my outlook on food has not really changed yet, because we have not gone into greater detail about how food is processed, what goes into our food, and what we, as the consumers, are actually ingesting into our bodies. However, I can say that since being back on campus, I have been more aware of what goes into my body. I have been obsessed with trying new fruits and vegetables lately, and I normally just try and eat fruits and salads on the daily. Not that I am a vegan or vegetarian or anything, I just am not that interested in meats as much anymore. During winter break, my mom took me to an organic grocery store near our house, and introduced me to so many new types of foods that are not only better for you (fat content and what not) but healthier for you and your body. She showed me articles online about the amount of pesticides that humans intake, and which foods are loaded with pesticides…sad to say that my favorite food, apples, contain a vast amount of pesticides. Also, she told me that even if you clean the fruit with soap and warm water, the pesticides do not go away, because they almost “embed” themselves within the fruit. No matter what, we are still eating harmful chemicals. I am not saying that I am afraid of chemicals and what not, because let’s face it, there are chemicals in just about everything, but I have definitely become more conscious of what I eat and where my food comes from. It makes me wonder though, will organic food grow to become more popular? And will people start to turn more to organic food because of the harmful chemicals and pesticides that are being revealed? Does that mean the price of chemically processed food decrease, and organic grown food increase?


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