Food Log Two

27 Jan

This week, we learned about slaughterhouses, and what is put into our meat, and how our meat is processed and makes its way to the shelves in our super markets. Today, in particular, really influenced the way I look at the meat that I eat, and changed my feelings on certain meats now. The fact that these animals are treated inhumane, kicked around, injected with medications and pesticides, and living in poor conditions makes me rethink eating meat and poultry all together. I mean, I do love my chicken, so I think it will be difficult to give up, but I definitely am no longer attracted to pork or beef. However, I have never been that interested in meats such as pork and beef; if I had to choose between a hamburger or turkey burger, I would automatically choose the turkey burger…no specific reason why though. I know I should be completely turned off by meats now, because of the videos we watched today, but I know that there will be times when I crave chicken or turkey or something of that sort, and that is because I have been brought up eating meats…it’s a hard habit to kick when you have been eating it for so long. However, I have noticed a change in my eating habits recently. I have tried to eat more greens and vegetables (salads) and fruits…and when I go to Benny’s I order grilled vegetable sandwiches on whole grain breads and leave out the meat and cheeses. I guess the fruits and veggies are more me trying to be healthier, but now when I go to Benny’s and want to order a chicken sandwich, I will rethink my decision and think about the chicken that gave its life and what it much have gone through.


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