Weekly Response Two

27 Jan

Marion Nestle, the author of Food Politics blogs, posted this article http://www.foodpolitics.com/2012/01/cheers-for-usdas-new-nutrition-standards/ positing new nutritional standards for meals. We all know the food pyramid, and the amount of servings consumers are recommended to have for each food group, but  recently The First Lady, Michelle Obama, and Tom Vilsack, the Secretary of Agriculture, created new standards for nutrition in school meals. These new standards include: more fruits and vegetables, a greater range of vegetables, a requirement for whole grains, all milk to be 1% or less, and only non-fat milk is permitted to be flavored. According to Nestle, this is a major step for the USDA. However, schools have to make the decision to follow through with these new nutritional standard meals, because the USDA cannot force schools to choose this option. The USDA’s goal is to promote new foods to children, and get them to try new, healthier foods. One thing that I found hilarious after reading this blog, because pizza is now considered a vegetable. I thought this blog was interesting, because we learned about the process of meat, and how animals are treated inhumane at slaughter houses and farms. Not that this blog directly relates to our discussion in class today, but no where on the new nutritional standard for meals did it say more or less meat consumption. This made me question whether or not America consumes the standard amount of meat, or if we consume more or less meat? We certainly package enough meat in grocery stores and supermarkets, but some of the meat winds up going to waste…so should there be a change to the nutritional standards about meat?


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