Food Log Three

12 Feb

Okay, so I feel as though I am becoming a full on vegetarian, because I have rarely had chicken, beef, pork, or any type of meat within the past few weeks…or ever since we started this class. Not saying anything is wrong with being a vegetarian, it’s just sometimes I miss eating my chicken wraps from Benny’s. But, every time I go to order a grilled chicken wrap now, I wonder where this chicken came from, and whether or not the meat has been processed. As much as I don’t want to think about it, and splurge on my wrap, I always wind up just buying a fruit cup or salad instead. Not complaining though, because they are in fact healthier choices. I just notice myself wondering where my food comes from a lot more lately. I think I may have turned my mom into a vegetarian, or at least have made her become more aware of where our meat and dairy products come from, because she has been going to organically grown, and local food markets nowadays rather than the grocery store. I am certainly not going to argue with her about purchasing locally grown food though, because it seems to be the healthier option…at least that’s what we make it seem like in class. But I was thinking, after reading Omnivore’s Dilemma, is there a lot of safe food for us available? The book was stating that even labels that say organic doesn’t necessarily mean the food is organically grown, and the animals in which it came from are living in good conditions. We as a society really don’t know where our food comes from, unless we only purchase it from locally grown places…but even that can be a pain in the butt! If we were to purchase foods locally grown, then we would have to wait to eat some food since certain foods are seasonally grown. Oh the dilemma!!!


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