Weekly Response Three

12 Feb


“Weight loss key to fighting type 2 diabetes,” a blog written Marion Nestle on foodpolitics.com, discusses the Paula Deen cookbook, and Paula Deen herself, who was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Nestle states that the first step to take to fight type 2 diabetes, is losing weight. Nestle states, “The disease comes in two forms – type 1 and type 2 – but type 2 accounts for 95 percent of cases. In both, levels of blood sugar are too high as a result of problems with insulin, a hormone that enables the body to use blood sugar for energy.” So what is the connection between Paula Deen’s cookbook and type 2 diabetes? Well, Deen’s recipes normally consist of large amounts of sugars, which is a leading factor that causes diabetes. However, Deen’s recipes aren’t the only reason why many Americans are being diagnosed with diabetes. Fast food restaurant chains as well as sugary soft drinks can be blamed for the increase in diabetes. Both children and adults who regularly consumer fast food and soft drinks often are more susceptible to diabetes. So, Nestle claims that if these individuals who are avid fast food eaters cut back their intake of the fatty foods, and participate in physical activities, they will not only reduce their risk of being diagnosed with diabetes, but lose weight as well. And those who are already diagnosed with diabetes, cutting back on these foods will help them lose weight and be in control of their disease. Diabetes is a serious disease, and can be controlled, and prevented in some cases. People just have to be willing to stop consuming so much sugar, and take control of their food intake and physical activities.

This blog relates to our class discussions, because we constantly have discussions related to processed foods, and how our food system is the thing that  is causing the most problems…well diabetes is a factor of those problems. Health problems are occurring from our food system, yet the government does not seem to be doing anything about it. We as a nation need to make decisions that are in society’s best interests. If we don’t, then soon enough, the United States population all will be suffering from some type of disease, diabetes being one of them.


On a more personal note, my dad was currently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and has cut back his sugar intake and has become more physically active…I can see a positive change in his health. He no longer consumes fast food, and watches what he eats…it is such a nice relief to see him finally take steps towards taking better care of his health as well as himself. I sense a new found confidence in him that I have never seen in him  before.


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