Food Log Four

13 Feb

So I know I am posting this early, considering we just started our topics for this week, but today really inspired me and made me question if sustainable farms will ever become more popular in the future? We saw today in the video that farmers markets can house some of these organic, naturally, and locally grown foods, but what if we know for a fact that our town and the towns around us don’t house farmers markets? I mean sure I live close enough outside of Philly that I could go in one day and go to a farmer’s market, but it would be more convenient for my family and I to have farmers markets in our hometown. I am really considering stressing to the borough about having more farmers markets available, and seeing if there was any local restaurants that only get their produce and meats from local farms. A question that I have been wondering though is how do we consider and define the word local…what I mean is the word locally grown within a certain mile radius from where the buyers live or what? Just like with the word organic, the word local is loosely defined as well. However, I am super excited to be going home this weekend, because my family and I are going to this new restaurant called Harvest, and all of its menu items are from local farms, and they only serve foods that are “in season.” I am really interested to see if there will be a difference in taste from the normal foods that I eat compared to the locally grown, organic, chemical free foods that I will be eating. Who knows, maybe this will help me start a new life filled with only locally grown, organic, fresh produce and such.


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