Food Log Five

25 Feb

So this week was also Lent, which I am in no way religious, but I decided to give up sweets and meat…the meat part is easier, because I haven’t had any type of meat, poultry or fish in about three weeks. But the sweets is another story. And this got me thinking about today’s class discussion about comfort foods, and what is in our own personal “diets.” Normally, I am trying to stick with healthier choices like salads, fruits, and whole grain products, but there is the occasional slice of pizza and pint of ice cream here and there. And after I eat those I regret it, because I know I could have made healthier choices. But I have gotten into a routine schedule of diet and exercise that makes it okay for me to eat my comfort foods every now and again. I guess that is acceptable, right?

Oh, and to answer the question asked earlier in class about why people watch the food network channel: personally,  I watch it because it is like “food porn,” and I just can’t get enough of it. There is something about the way these chefs can make food not only out of sometimes bizarre ingredients, but making cooking and baking into an art. My weakness lies in the show “Cupcake Wars,” and I will admit on here, and not in person of course, that after watching an episode of that show, it makes me want to go and bake DOZENS of cupcakes and shove them all in my face. But the way the chefs make food into an art fascinates me, because we as a society normally stereotype art as something people sculpt, carve, paint, etc., but to chefs and people on the food network channel, cooking is their form of art, their form of expression.

If I had access to a stove, and other various appliances, food, and equipment then I would probably try and cook more healthy options, but for now I am stuck at the caf, or at Benny’s, Clyde’s and Periodic Table.


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