Weekly Response Five

25 Feb


Marion Nestle, creator and author of foodpolitics.com, published, “Nutritionist’s Notebook: Portion Control,” which interested me right away considering that this is my potential paper topic. The questions asked this week was, “What is the importance of size in our portions? What is the best way to judge portions when going out to dinner.” Nestle responds by stating that the larger the portion is, the more people are going to eat. The saying, “the eyes are the window to the stomach,” really plays a roll in her response, because we tend to consume a mass amount of food in just one sitting…and that is due to the increase in portion sizes. Nestle also mentions that the larger the portion sizes, the more calories people consume, people are encouraged to eat more, and people tend to underestimate the actual amount of food they are consuming. Portion sizes are one of the leading causes to the increase of obesity in the United States.

How can people learn to control there portion sizes? By using smaller cups and plates, and measuring the amount of each foods. If people are out to dinner, order appetizers instead of entrees, and order the smaller portions instead of the larger ones…or if you order the larger portions, share them with friends.

There is no easy way to change the portion sizes now, because society has become accustomed to larger portions, but individuals have the ability to choose smaller portions, and be conscious of the amount of calories, and food they are consuming during meal times.


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