Food Log Six

14 Mar

Okay so my dad took me grocery shopping last week before coming back to SU, and I tried buying organic produce when it came to buying fruits. Not only did I buy grapes, teensy tiny mandarin oranges, but I also bought 16 pounds worth of apples…that comes to about 39 apples…and I am almost finished my first bag. I have eaten 8 pounds of apples in the course of four days. I have an obsession/ problem!! I found myself focusing more on the amount of fiber, calories, and fat content in my shopping cart. Instead of getting the normal peanut butter, why not go for the reduced fat…the amount of fat is still ridiculous, but it’s peanut butter! I can’t just give up peanut butter, it’s way too delicious. And I need it for my apples. But I bought some fiber one bars, and whole wheat bagels along with some almonds. I am really trying to eat healthier, and get the most nutrition out of the meals I eat. I am eating about 6-8 fruits a day, which is awesome, and I feel a lot healthier after eating them! Since lent has started, I gave up sweets and meat…the meat part was easier, because I haven’t had any meat, poultry, or fish products in about oh six weeks (thanks to this class). But it is more difficult turning away sweets; sometimes I want to indulge on that DAMN cookie in the caf..but I tell myself no and look towards the fruits or vegetables.


Since my dad was the one who took me grocery shopping, he had to pick up stuff for home as well. We are walking down the dairy isle, and he remembers that he has to pick up some eggs. Well, did you know that there are a million different types of eggs nowadays? There isn’t the usual white eggs..oh no! We have to be complicated now, and make choices between organic, organic and brown colored eggs, organic and the chickens were cage free, the standard white, the medium size, large size, extra large size, etc. There are one too many options in my opinion. But my dad first reaches for the plain organic eggs that are brown which cost $5.49. He puts them back once he sees the ridiculous price on them. Then he goes for the organic, brown, and cage free eggs that are at a whopping $6.39. He then starts to complain about organic eggs being so pricey, so he settles for the original white eggs that are the cheapest choice. I told him why the organic eggs were so expensive, and that he should buy the organic, brown, cage free ones because that means the chickens are able to eat and roam wherever they want. It also mentioned that the chickens were vegetarian fed. But he said that he wouldn’t pay such a ridiculous price for an animal. I got so mad, but then again, I don’t have to eat those eggs (thankfully)!


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