Calories..A Mortal Enemy?

23 Mar


Nestle discusses the word calorie, and questions if calories are what we should really be worried about when consuming foods. Earlier in class this week, we learned that the calorie count on food is more important than the saturated/ unsaturated fat contents, as well as sugars and sodium. Calories were seen as the cause of obesity, but Nestle states that this may not be the case. There are numerous enzymes, hormones and chemicals that regulate appetite and to ensure that people eat enough to maintain brain function. However, these very systems go into overdrive and make it difficult for people to lose weight.

So here is the question: Are calories actually considered bad, or are there other factors that play into the problems with obesity?

Personally, I always make sure that I am eating the correct amount of calories for my height and weight, but it difficult to understand the caloric values sometimes, because fruits and veggies aren’t always marked with that information. I think that calories aren’t the most important thing to pay attention to though, because fats, sodium, and sugars all play parts in obesity as well. So how can we overcome a disease when the public is not educated enough on it?


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