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Food Log Ten

30 Apr

So…..I ate meat on Friday. My friends and I went to Applebee’s for our friend Jaime’s birthday dinner, and literally everything (and when I say everything, I mean everything) on the menu had some type of meat product in it. I could have ordered pasta or a salad without the meat, but I was craving some chicken and a fajita, so I ordered it…I deeply regretted it later. After not eating chicken or any meat for more than seven weeks, my stomach was not too pleased with me putting something “foreign” back in my body. Once we got back to the dorms, I had the worst stomach pains and felt sick the entire night. Deeply, deeply regretted my decision. But at the time the fajita was SO DELICIOUS! However, since Friday, I have had nothing but apples, fruits, and oatmeal…simple foods that wouldn’t upset my stomach. I told my parents on Sunday when I spoke to them that I am officially becoming a pescatarian…even though I don’t really like fish. I just don’t feel as bad about eating a fish rather than an adorable cow or some other farm animal. Anyways, I am really excited for the summer, because it means fresh fruits and vegetables, and eating less junk foods, and more fresh foods! I am going to try and not eat meat all summer and see how it goes. Instead I will get my protein from tofu, black bean and veggie burgers, and tofu. My mom even considered trying this challenge! We shall see how it goes; I am really excited for the fresh foods though. That is what I am looking forward to the most.


Food Log Nine

21 Apr

After talking about all of the changes we want to see in the cafeteria, I am really hoping that this “movement” will actually happen! I would love to see different, more healthier options offered in the cafeteria. Especially for those who are vegetarian and vegan (aka Sarah Jantsch). I would definitely consider eating in the cafeteria more often if the school offered better meals and foods…I am getting sick of eating Benny’s salads all of the time, along with cereal and luna bars! I haven’t really noticed a different in my eating habits, just considering vegetarianism more and more now. Also, I am trying to cut back on carbs, because too much of them can be bad for you. Guess I will just have to stick with my apples and mandarin oranges! Speaking of apples, I thought I was getting sick of them…BUT I’M NOT ANYMORE! I realized how good apples are for you, and they are just flipping Delicious!

Food Log Eight

21 Apr

I haven’t noticed too much change in my eating habits…same old, same old. Although I am EXTREMELY excited that they added hummus as an option for sandwiches at Benny’s! That was a nice little surprise to make my week better. I can’t really tell if I am a vegetarian now or not, because I haven’t had meat in like…forever. However, I still think about making a chicken wrap or sometime of meat wrap when I eat at Benny’s or elsewhere, but I decide against it and make a salad instead. So does this mean I am turning vegetarian? Also, I have been looking at alternative recipes to get protein in my system. Easter weekend I made a peanut butter and chocolate chip hummus that was TO DIE FOR. It was so delicious. Instead of using sugar, I used nectarine stuff? I don’t know that actual name of it, it was too fancy for me to remember. But, I just feel like I am starting to travel down the path of vegetarianism. I don’t know if I am ready to follow that path or not, let alone tell my parents that I am potentially going vegetarian!