Food Log Eight

21 Apr

I haven’t noticed too much change in my eating habits…same old, same old. Although I am EXTREMELY excited that they added hummus as an option for sandwiches at Benny’s! That was a nice little surprise to make my week better. I can’t really tell if I am a vegetarian now or not, because I haven’t had meat in like…forever. However, I still think about making a chicken wrap or sometime of meat wrap when I eat at Benny’s or elsewhere, but I decide against it and make a salad instead. So does this mean I am turning vegetarian? Also, I have been looking at alternative recipes to get protein in my system. Easter weekend I made a peanut butter and chocolate chip hummus that was TO DIE FOR. It was so delicious. Instead of using sugar, I used nectarine stuff? I don’t know that actual name of it, it was too fancy for me to remember. But, I just feel like I am starting to travel down the path of vegetarianism. I don’t know if I am ready to follow that path or not, let alone tell my parents that I am potentially going vegetarian!


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